Paolo Iannitelli M.D.

Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine
“Beauty Through Science”

After a long training period in general surgery in Switzerland and Italy that allowed me to gain considerable experience in specialist surgery, thanks to the encounter with my dear friend and teacher Prof. Marco Gasparotti, I turned my attention to aesthetic surgery and medicine which have become my daily activities for many years now.
I live with my three sisters: Antonella, Claudia and Lavinia. I play the piano, listen to music, I love the sea, I love to read and I love my two dachshunds Nina and Olivia.
In the daily search for the discreet charm of aesthetic surgery. I have always been thought of by those who know me as “a perfectionist” who made his love of beauty his lifestyle.

Aesthetic surgery and medicine
the harmony of body and soul

Laser Lipolysis

The new frontier of Liposculpture

Breast augmentation

Producing an increase of volume of the breast through the use of breast implants

Eye contour area

Eliminate bags under the eyes without surgery? Now it’s possible with hyaluronic acid

Non-surgical facelift in 8 points

A revolutionary facelift method

Aesthetic surgery and medicine The harmony of body and soul

Paolo Iannitelli

Body Treatments
Facial treatments
Breast treatment
Aesthetic Medicine


Aesthetic surgery can make you beautiful and happy, but it must be done safely



Beauty: natural or artificial?  By Paolo Iannitelli, the surgeon to the stars



Interviews and television appearances by Dr. Paolo Iannitelli



He has always been thought of by those
who know him as “a perfectionist” who has made
his love of beauty his lifestyle.


Special thanks for giving me the abdomen of a twenty-year-old, despite my 42 years and 3 pregnancies, and for following up on me, along with an extraordinary team, during the post-operative phase with professionalism, care and affection

Paola M.

When the dream to erase a few wrinkles on your face without changing your expression comes true … it means that Paolo Iannitelli has come into your life, a unique surgeon, a sincere friend.

Manuela B.

I met Prof. Iannitelli for a breast augmentation surgery, and I can say that he is an extraordinary surgeon, extremely competent and friendly at the same time. He explained in detail the type of surgery and gave me advice about the right size of prosthesis for me. The operation went very well, the results are incredibly natural and Prof. Iannitelli also monitored me closely during the postoperative period. 

Tania F.

A sensitive and balanced doctor and man who uses aesthetic medicine to give harmony and freshness to your face without ever going overboard.  He was able to make me feel good about myself with very little work.
Thank you so much!

Antonella M.